SnapLogic MVP

Become an MVP


SnapLogic MVP nominations can be submitted on a rolling basis and accepted MVPs will be announced at SnapLogic's annual Enterprise Automation Summit. Customers need to be nominated by someone else other than themselves.


Submitted nominations are reviewed by the SnapLogic team for a duration of 2-3 weeks every Fall.


Accepted MVPs will be contacted by the SnapLogic team for the next steps.


Accepted MVPs for the next year will be announced and recognized on the SnapLogic MVP Program website, in the SnapLogic Community, and in the public via social media.

Note: You can nominate anyone in the SnapLogic community, including yourself. Nominees need to be a SnapLogic customer for more than one year and exemplified the SnapLogic guiding principles. The weight and quality of SnapLogic contributions for the year will be strongly considered.

For more details, please visit our FAQ.

Nominate an MVP

The SnapLogic MVP program recognizes individuals for the contributions to the SnapLogic community. From sharing their expertise to inspiring like-minded peers to advocating the SnapLogic brand and to building the SnapLogic community, we thank our MVPs.