SnapLogic MVP


We look for individuals who exemplify the SnapLogic MVP Guiding Principles, are involved in the SnapLogic Community, events, content creation, continue to increase their expertise through education, and be a SnapLogic customer for at least one year.

SnapLogic MVP Guiding Principles:
Educate and Share: MVPs regularly educate others and share their expertise.

Participate: Attend and contribute to SnapLogic events and create new content about using the SnapLogic platform.

Inspire: MVPs inspire others to become better integrators and try new things through learning and sharing ideas.

Advocate: MVPs positively advocate for the SnapLogic brand, express public support through press, media, or social media channels.

Build our Community: MVPs shape our Community by nurturing conversations, exploring ideas, and helping other integrators become successful.

We look for individuals who educate and inspire others by sharing their experiences and expertise, as well as completing trainings and certifications. Contribution examples include: speaking at events, facilitating user groups, meet-ups, trainings, collaborating on blogs, case studies, or videos, contributing in the online SnapLogic Community, and more.

The quality of contribution is heavily considered when evaluating each MVP candidate.

MVP candidates will be evaluated and scored on:

  •  • Community
  •  • Training
  •  • Events
  •  • Content creation

Individuals can nominate themselves or their peers here. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, and are reviewed by the SnapLogic team for a duration of 2-3 weeks every Fall.

Accepted MVP candidates will be announced at the SnapLogic Enterprise Automation Summit.

MVPs will have to re-qualify every year to keep their MVP status. The SnapLogic team will strongly consider contributions in the past year. If they don’t re-qualify, they will be moved to MVP Hall of Fame.

There are three MVP levels (MVP Rock Star, MVP Super Star, MVP Star). Each MVP candidate is evaluated based on the quality and quantity of their contributions for the given year. MVPs who requalify will be evaluated on their contributions for that given year, and those who don’t requalify for any of the three levels will be recognized in the SnapLogic MVP Hall of Fame.

For more information, please reach out to